Welcome to Our Idea

While writing this the date is 23/03/2020 and our beloved country and its people let alone people around the world is going through some tough times. So we decided to come together to not only look after our families but to help other South Africans alike that find themselves in a situation that innovation and change are happening all around.

So we came up with the idea, That since we are all looking for innovative ways to get food products into our homes and not many are willing to risk public places at this moment, let alone the time consumed inside a traditional supermarket or hyper store.

With the combination of uncertainty around us, this is the solution that we have come up with. With warehousing and distribution in place, we now need to get the community involved hopefully from each and every neighborhood in the Cape Town And surroundings.

Here is How This Idea Works.

Teaming up with Oil and More, leading restaurant suppliers in cape town since 2009, They do one order drop a day in a neighborhood and for this food to get into the homes of each customer we need people that are ready to serve their local neighborhoods everyday groceries.

We hope that our idea will help with getting groceries and essential products into the homes of every South African in due time and most important create jobs everywhere we touch, let it the local businesses that are supplying us with food and other goods and especially our local Neighborhood Home Groceries Entrepreneurs that are with us on this idea to a healthier abundant local community.

Then the lock down happened and our idea to get the community involved became less way less, we were not allowed to move within the country with out a essential service provider certificate. So what this means is that the people that we were looking for would find it hard to get one or have to cross the line to get one.

So, we decided to go forward with the project and deliver straight to the door of our clients. Having a team and vehicles already meant that we doing what we can to help our guys and in helping a chain of events involving people and moments in their lives.

With concentrating on customer service and offering a platform to get in touch and speak with a real person.
We pride ourselves, that most of our items are within the or even less than the online market in grocery shopping. When possible we do some amazing specials.

More updates to this journey will come… Best Regards…

At this moment only, Cape Town and Surrounding areas are being serviced.

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Welcome to Our Idea March 23, 2020